The following are the terms and conditions of entry to the 2021 World’s Education Excellence Awards for Educational Institutions. By submitting entries to the competition you assent that you have read and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Nomination Fees

Nomination fees is zero means you don’t have to pay for the Nomination.

Registration Fees

Once, after nomination, if your institution will be selected for the award as a winner by our team & jury then your institution will have to pay a registration and logo usage rights fee of US $ 1000, which will be valid for the tenure of one year.

In order to register and participate, all the winners must fill & submit the registration e- form via logging in on our website & make the payment of the registration fee through electronic bank transfer. The registration & the Logo usage rights fee for one year has been fixed by the jury for US $ 1000 (One Thousand US Dollars). Payment of registration fee is mandatory for all winners without exception.

The fee charged includes the cost of the research & evaluation process conducted in order to select the institutions and this contribution made by you empower us to carry on this process and give you the best global educational institutions each year.

Please visit our website www.worldseducationexcellenceawards.com for completing & submitting your registration e- form. For making the payment please refer to the following bank details: The Wire Transfer is to be made in favour of "BERKSHIRE MEDIA LLC", U.S. Bank A/c No.: 157519313512, Swift Code: USBKUS44IMT, Routing Number: 122235821, Bank Branch: U.S. Bank, Wire Transfer Department, PO Box 64830, St. Paul, MN 55164-0830, USA.

Please Note : Nominations once sent cannot be withdrawn and the registration fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. The winners will be notified in due time to complete the registration formalities. The nominated institutions once selected as winner will have to pay the registration and the logo usage rights fee without exception.

Acceptance of World’s Education Excellence Awards Correspondence

Every entrant has a designated point of contact: a single person with whom we communicate about the disposition of nominations submitted. We will send regular email correspondence to your organization’s point of contact, especially after World’s Education Excellence Awards finalists are announced. Your institution’s point of contact agrees to:
1. Whitelist the email address contact@berkshiremediausa.com from which most of our email correspondence will come.
2. Read all email correspondence from us promptly and respond as requested or required.

Maintenance of Your Entry Account Information

Your organization’s entry-submission account on the World’s Education Excellence Awards for website, through which your entries are submitted, will contain the contact information for your point of contact, including that person’s name, postal mailing address, email address, and telephone number. Your institution’s point of contact agrees to maintain the information in this entry-submission account and update it if and when necessary. The entry-submission account may be logged into at any time. The institutions should satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria of all the parameters evaluated upon, to be qualified for the jury assessment Level. The information provided should be to the point as per the topic/question which will help us with a better understanding of your institution and increase your chances of getting qualified as a winner. The details or points provided in the nomination form should be relevant and fulfill the purpose of the topic / question. The institutions which have provided incomplete or false information are subject to get disqualified as per the decision of the management and jury.

Final Decision

In the event of a dispute as to the category in which an entry(s) will be judged, the decision of the World’s Education Excellence Awards staff will prevail Jury may recommend that an entry be switched to a different category, and at their discretion World’s Education Excelence Awards staff may change an entry’s category.

Disposition of Submitted Materials

Any offline materials submitted as part of your entries will not be returned.

Publication of World’s Education Excellence Awards winning Entries

The full-text of World’s Education Excellence Awards winning entries will be published on World’s Education Excellence Awards website approximately 2-4 weeks after the awards results announced. World’s Education Excellence Awards winners will be given the opportunity to redact any confidential or non-public information from their entries before publication. If you should have one or more World’s Education Excellence Awards winning entries in the 2021 World’s Education Excellence Awards, you agree to respond promptly to our request for edits or redactions to those entries before publication.
Failure to comply with these Terms & Conditions will render your entries ineligible.