Selection Process


We at Berkshire Media with all our efforts want the real contributor getting the deserving name and fame and henceforth, we created a very transparent and decisive selection process. Our aim is to recognize the best & truly deserving educational institutions and honor their outstanding work and commitment. If your institution has a distinctive vision and is working towards the development of the students, communities & the world at large then get into the race for this most prestigious award.

World’s Education Excellence Awards platform will provide you a global platform to showcase your hardship & success story to the world and influence others to follow their own journey of excellence.

Below we have explained the selection process for this awards:

Stage 1 - Nomination Process:

The initial step is filling out the nomination form (you can check out criteria and the nomination form under Nomination section). By filling out this form on our website you can very conveniently nominate your institution. Even a third party or an associate can nominate your institution if they believe that your institution deserves to be nominated for this prestigious title and hold a strong chance to become one of the winners.

Stage 2 - Initial Screening Process:

Once your nomination is received on our website, our team of research professionals analyze each of the nomination form to check whether all the details are provided and aptly filled. The institutions which have those have provided all the relevant details are shortlisted and qualified for next stage. Also, our market research team categorizes each of the institution depending upon their field of specialization and the country/region which they come from.

Stage 3 - Evaluation Process:

Now comes the challenging phase in which all the qualified applications have to go through our rigorous evaluation process. This stage can be also termed as the “Determinative Stage”, where each institution will be judged on the parameters set by the Research Team & Jury. The process is strictly carried out by a team of research professionals with years of experience and deep industry knowledge. The evaluation is done on diverse parameters such as infrastructure, student development, faculty, academic curriculum, course material, fee structure, management, extra-curricular activities, admission process, placements, socio-economic development and several other factors.

Each application will be judged on the basis of the above mentioned parameters and will be given a score rating from 1-10 by the research team. The applications will be reviewed based upon the information shared through nomination form and the secondary research conducted by the team. On the basis of the ratings scored by each institution, they will be awarded an average rating also referred to as ‘Research Team Overall Rating’ for an institution.

Stage 4 - Jury Scoring:

The institutions evaluated at stage 3 will have to pass another stage of jury scoring and validation. At this stage, the shortlisted institutions are reviewed & scored on the scale of 1-10 by the selected panel of experienced and valuable industry personalities. These leaders & patrons come from distinctive fields of education fraternity and are highly regarded and respected in the industry. This rating at this stage plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of the winners.

Stage 5 - Final Stage:

The winners are finalized at this last stage of the process in which the cumulative score of the Berkshire Media Research Team and Expert Panel Rating is taken into consideration to choose the best educational institutions from around the globe.
(Note: The cumulative score secured by any nominated institution must be above 7.5 to stay on the list & get qualified as a winner. The decision made by the jury and the management committee of Berkshire Media LLC, will be considered to be final. No one can raise the query against their decision for qualifying and disqualifying terms.)