As you know, the world is going through the tough times and the Covid-19 pandemic is stressing out, we need to value the norms and guidelines set by the Government Authorities and maintaining social distance is primarily important to curb the pandemic. Keeping in view this fact, we have decided to change the format of the award from live event to an Online Digital Recognition. Though it will be a digital recognition & certification , we made assure that the educational institutions and participants gain the best advantage through this award format and hence, designed media kit and planned other strategies to ensure every participant receive the same exposure as the live award ceremony.
World’s Education Excellence Awards 2021 format will be different but carries the same impact and effectiveness.

Interested participants can fill the nomination form and further the entire selection criteria is categorized into 5 stages.
Stage 1 comprises of Filing the Nomination Form
Stage 2 is conducted by a research team and they make sure that each form is filled with relevant details. Also, they categorise each institution as per their field expertise. Before filling the nomination form, it is a humble request to read the guidelines carefully and provide only the precise and relevant details to support the research team to make a better decision. Also, the false or incomplete nomination form is subject to rejection by the jury panel.
Stage 3 is made to judge each institution on various evaluation parameters and this important step is conducted by a highly qualified research team.
Stage 4 is a reviewal & rating process of the shortlisted institutions, by a selected panel of education industry experts & leaders. The Jury scores distinctive parameters of the institution on a scale of 1-10.
Stage 5 is the decisive part where the score of all the parameters score are calculated and each institution is awarded the final cumulative score. This cumulative score leads the path for the winners.

There is no doubt to the fact that this award title is going to add more attraction and competitive advantage to your institution. But as you know, the wise use of this title is very necessary to gain the maximum benefit. The winning institutions will be required to showcase their success and achievement using various marketing & publicity platforms. The winning institution will get the chance to use the logo, we will provide a media kit and also support institution’s brand name through International News Portal. All this contribute a lot for enhancing goodwill, establish trust & brand name recognition.

We all know that institution with good ranking, recognition, brand value gets noticed and people perceive them as a reliable institution for a successful future. Today no one wants to take risk in choosing an institution just by its name & fame, in making the correct decision people look out for the recognition, image, career growth, future security and many more factors. Winning this award establishes positive attitude towards your institution, people develop more trust and all these facts have a very positive impact on the global image of the institution. Trust is a necessary tool to gain among the community in which you operate & this award gives you the chance to develop & gain that trust.

We do not charge a penny for the nomination. Institutions from across the globe can nominate and hold a chance to win. Furthermore, if your institution is selected for the award, you will be required to pay the registration fee of US $1000 for the registration process and logo usage rights. This fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. The logo usage fee will be applicable for one year and the winning institution will have the right to make the best use of the logo for a complete one year tenure.